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Heidi Harrison


BS in Child Development & MA in Counseling Psychology


Piedmont, CA

All English

Basic Math

All French

Literacy Skills


For many years of my professional life I have tutored children in French, English, writing skills and creative expression through language and...


Louis Hirsch

BA and Graduate work, University of Calif, Berkeley


Vallejo, CA

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Grammar

Reading and Writing

Preparation for English portions of ACT, SAT

TOEFL preparation

My teaching philosophy is that learning should be an intense and, at the same time, an enjoyable experience. I want to see...

Ryan de Leuze


Senior Standing, majoring in Physics at Sonoma State University


Rohnert Park, CA

Middle/High School:

Chemistry, English, Geology, History, Math (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus,) Physics


College level:

Math: Calculus I - IV, Algebra, Geometry. Physics: Intro to Mechanics, Intro to Electricity and Magnetism, Intro to Modern Physics.



I have three years of tutoring experience at Sonoma State University where I study to complete a bachelor's degree in physics..

Heather Cline


BS in Biology & MA in Business


Vallejo, CA

Basic Math


Algebra l



Basic Science

Basic English

All French

I have been a volunteer tutor for five years in math, science, English and most other subjects as well. I have twenty plus years in...

Jasmine Weis


Currently studying Business Economics at UCLA


Benicia CA

Proficient in all subjects

Preference for English, reading, and writing comprehension

Ever since I was a child, I have gravitated towards helping others. From a young age, school curriculum came naturally to me...